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Version: 1.1

Account Bank Transfers


Endpoint Overview

Our Account Bank Transfers endpoint collects payouts, withdrawals, deposits, incoming bank transfers, outgoing bank transfers, incoming wallet transfers and outgoing wallet transfers. These types of transactions provide us with more complete profiles of merchants which improves the quality of the Merchant Fraud and/or the AML product for you.

Account bank transfers are only applicable under the following circumstances:

  • you are using the Merchant Fraud product and/or the AML product
  • you have visibility over merchants' bank accounts
  • the bank transfers are initiated by the merchants (if the transfers are all scheduled and automated by default, then there is no need to send bank transfers to this endpoint)

The account bank transfers can be sent either individually or in batch.

Request Parameters

Request parameters in JSON format

"data": [
"transactionid": "00000001",
"transactiontype": "withdrawal",
"timestamp": 1646063615,
"merchant": "853CA6B7-79BB-DE46-049F-FC2603FAC59F",
"walletid": "893067473928",
"amount": 1.1,
"currency": "978",
"currencyunit": "major",
"bankaccountnumber": "NL51INGB40123456789876"

Request parameters: Field Reference Table

FieldData TypePayment Fraud (Issuer)Payment Fraud (Acquirer / Processor)Merchant Fraud / AMLDescription
The unique identifier of the transaction event. Every transaction event, so auth, capture, auth_capture, etc., has its own unique ID.
The UTC time at which the transaction was made. When sending events in realtime, this will usually be 'now'. Only Unix Timestamps are accepted.
The type of transaction event.

Accepted values are:
- payout: A direct transfer of funds (OCT) to credit card holders.
- withdrawal: The withdrawal of cash from a bank account.
- deposit: The deposit of cash into a bank account.
- bank_incoming_transfer: The incoming transfer of money into a bank account.
- bank_outgoing_transfer: The outgoing transfer of money out of a bank account.
- wallet_incoming_transfer: The incoming transfer of money into a wallet.
- wallet_outgoing_transfer: The outgoing transfer of money out of a wallet.
The transaction amount in the unit specified by the 'currencyunit' field. Note: The unit used in this field should be explicitly stated in the 'currencyunit' field.
The 3-digit ISO code for the currency used in the transaction.
This field defines the unit of currency used in the 'amount' field. Accepts only major (e.g., 12.30) or minor (e.g., 1230) unit values. This choice should align with the unit used in the 'amount' field.
The name or identifier of the merchant. This field uniquely identifies the merchant, and should not be confused with the MID. Any name or unique identifier is accepted.
Bank Account Number. This refers to the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) or any equivalent national bank account number or ID.
External ID of the merchant wallet.

Response Parameters

Status CodeStatus MessageDescriptionSchema
200OKStandard response for successful HTTP requests.200 OK - Data Collection Response
4xx, 500, 501, 502, 503, 504errorVarious error messages for unsuccessful HTTP requests.Problem response

Code samples

curl -X POST '' \
-H "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN" \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{"data":[{"transactionid":"00000001","transactiontype":"withdrawal","timestamp":1646063615,"merchant":"853CA6B7-79BB-DE46-049F-FC2603FAC59F","walletid":"893067473928","amount":1.1,"currency":"978","currencyunit":"major","bankaccountnumber":"NL51INGB40123456789876"}]}'