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Version: 1.1


Version 1.1


We've updated our API endpoints with new names and an additional route. However: All previous endpoints remain operational and supported, facilitating a seamless transition.

For help navigating the legacy endpoints, please refer to the Version 1.0 documentation or select version 1.0 directly from the top navigation dropdown.

Changes to API endpoints

  • The "Fraud Score" endpoint has been renamed to Payment Fraud Score.
  • The "Post-Authorization Backfill" endpoint has been renamed to Payment Post-Authorization Enrichment.
  • The endpoints "Fraud Notifications Enrichment" and "Chargebacks" are aliases for the new Dispute Events endpoint.
  • The Payment Events Enrichment endpoint is brand-new, and is designed as a supplement to the Payment Fraud Score endpoint, supporting additional data on both pre-auth and post-auth integrations.

Note on the difference between Payment Events Enrichment and Payment Post-Authorization Enrichment:

  • Payment Events Enrichment supports both pre-auth and post-auth integrations in the context of real-time fraud detection.
  • Payment Post-Authorization Enrichment is all about enriching existing pre-auth transactions with new data, and is specialized for pre-auth setups, letting you backfill post-auth fields like eci and cavvresult, which the first endpoint doesn't accommodate.

Added Rules Management API Endpoints

We've introduced new API endpoints for Rules Management. These endpoints allow customers to create, read, update, and archive transaction rules. These additions provide more granular control for fraud detection and transaction processing. Please refer to the updated documentation sections on Rules Management for detailed information on each endpoint and its usage.

New and modified fields

  • The fields originalamount and iban have been renamed in all endpoints where they existed:
    • originalamount is now amount.
    • iban is now bankaccountnumber.
  • currencyunit now allows you to specify the currency unit (minor / major).