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Version: 1.0

👋 Welcome to Fraudio!

Fraudio's mission is to fight fraud smarter by decomplexifying and disrupting the fraud detection industry to the benefit of all companies like yours. This mission is achieved through our powerful centralized AI brain that prevents, detects and fights fraud in real time, creating unrivalled value.

Fraudio's products leverage artificial intelligence, APIs, and cloud computing into a plug & play and pay-as-you-go solution that allows us to provide you with fraud scores for your transactions and more.

This manual will help you effectively integrate with Fraudio's products.

Structure and Sections


The Quickstart section explains some fundamental concepts that power Fraudio's products, including the API URL, authentication, and API Test Environment mechanisms. Understanding these concepts is crucial to performing your first API request successfully.


This section explains, in depth, the three primary products that Fraudio offers.

API endpoints

Here, you'll find comprehensive information about Fraudio's API endpoints, their functionality, and how to interact with them.

Response Handling

This section explains how to handle the responses returned by Fraudio's API endpoints.

Sending data

This section covers the basics of sending data to Fraudio's products, including guidelines for mapping data to Fraudio's data schemas, and how to transfer historical and live data to Fraudio's platform.

Batch transfer

Explains how to transfer data in batch to Fraudio. This feature can be used either for integrating with our products in batch, or simply to manually upload some data to Fraudio.


This section contains answers to frequently asked questions about Fraudio's products and services, providing valuable information to help you get started with our products and maximise their effectiveness.

Data Schema Reference

This section contains a detailed description of the data schema used by Fraudio. It is a useful reference for developers who want to integrate with Fraudio's products.