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Version: 1.1

Integration Guide: Your Path to a Successful Integration

We're thrilled to have you onboard. This guide will lead you through each step of our onboarding process, ensuring a smooth integration of Fraudio's services into your system.

🚀 Kickoff

  • Kickoff Call: Expect an initial kickoff call. We'll discuss expectations and clarify the integration process for you.
  • Integration Info Pack: At this stage, you will receive an integration info pack.
  • Test API Keys: We'll issue API keys for our test environment and arrange a secure handover so that you can get up and running quickly.
  • Frequent Check-ins: We'll schedule frequent touch-base meetings with our customer success team to monitor progress. These calls will continue throughout the integration process, giving you the opportunity to voice any feedback as the onboarding progresses.

🛠 Integration Phase

  • Critical & Required Fields: During the Integration Phase we highly recommend to only focus on fields that are Critical & Required.
  • Applicable Endpoints: The endpoints that you need to connect to during the Integration Phase depend on the integration type and the products that are applicable to you:
    • Payment Fraud Score
      • Products: PFD, MIF, AML
      • Integration Types: Pre-auth, Post-auth
    • Dispute Events
      • Products: PFD only
      • Integration Types: Pre-auth, Post-auth
    • Payment Post-Authorization Enrichment
      • Products: PFD, MIF, AML
      • Integration Types: Pre-auth only

If you're not sure whether you're integrating pre-auth or post-auth, please contact our Support Team.

  • Dashboards: At this stage, you'll receive access to live dashboards, showing you how the transactions are being processed.
  • Test Transactions: You can use your API keys to send test transactions. These tests will return a dummy score so you don't have to worry about the outcomes at this point.
  • Transition: You will be switched to live mode after both sides have agreed that the data quality is sufficient to proceed.
  • Production API Keys: We'll issue you with API keys for our production environment.

🟢 Go Live - Warm Up

  • Green Recommendations: In the beginning of this phase you will see scores of 0 and green recommendations only.
  • Products Deep Dive: Information sessions on initial product settings, rationale and the next steps.
  • Additional Data Fields: You can optionally send additional data fields to enrich the data quality and give our models more information to work with. We'll provide you with a list of recommended fields, review the data quality, and let you know if we have any feedback.
  • Data Accumulation: We will accumulate your transactions until we have sufficient high quality data. If present, this can be done by sending us a batch of historical data.
  • Products Enabled: After we have internally validated the performance and behavior of the products on your data, the model's scores and predictions become available at a conservative level.

🎛 Tuning Phase

  • Conservative Recommendations: Going into this phase, the scores and recommendations will be at a conservative level.
  • Reconfirm Tuning Settings: Sessions where the preferences and choices around the products should be confirmed.
  • Model Training: The previously agreed upon tuning settings will be applied to suit your needs and our machine-learning models continue to adapt to your data and
  • Performance Metrics: We'll share performance and thresholds for your review.

🏁 Supported ML Phase

  • All Systems Go: By now, our models are fully adapted to your data and should be running optimally. As time goes on and you send more data, the models will continue to improve, ensuring you're always getting optimal performance.
  • Open Channels: Regular calls are usually retired at this stage, but we're always here if you want to reach out.