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Version: 1.0

Inter Account Transfers


Endpoint Overview

Our Inter Account Transfers endpoint collects wallet transfers between-, in- and out of merchants' wallet accounts. These types of transactions provide us with more complete profiles of merchants which improves the quality of the Merchant Fraud and/or the AML product for you.

Account Bank Transfers are only applicable under the following circumstances:

  • you are using the Merchant Fraud product and/or the AML product
  • you have visibility over merchants' wallet accounts
  • the wallet transfers are initiated by the merchants (when the transfers are all scheduled and automated by default then there is no need to send wallet transfers to this endpoint)

The inter bank transfers can be sent either individually or in batch.

Request Parameters

Request parameters in JSON format

"transactionid": "00000001",
"timestamp": 1646063615,
"transactiontype": "incoming_wallet_transfer",
"sistertransactionid": "00000001",
"merchant": "CFBE1FC6-3069-B390-4287-F0D653ACC3CC",
"walletid": "783067473928",
"originalamount": 1.1,
"currency": "978"

Request parameters: Field Reference Table

FieldData TypePayment Fraud (Issuer)Payment Fraud (Acquirer / Processor)Merchant Fraud / AMLDescription
The unique identifier of the transaction event. Every transaction event, so auth, capture, auth_capture, etc., has its own unique ID.
The UTC time at which the transaction was made. When sending events in realtime, this will usually be 'now'. Only Unix Timestamps are accepted.
The type of transaction event. Possible values are: auth, capture, auth_capture, refund, void, top_up, incremental_auth, atm or reversal. Details about each possible value below.

auth: An authorization is used to reserve funds on the customer's card without yet deducting them.

capture: A capture is used to immediately deduct authorised funds (up to the amount auth'd) from a customer's card. A capture should always be linked to at least one authorization via the parenttransactionid.

auth_capture: A simultaneous combination of auth and capture in the same transaction, for when there is no need to perform these operations separately.

refund: A refund transaction returns credit to a customer's payment method.

void: A void transaction is the explicit discarding of authorization of funds.

top_up: Increases the available credit of a credit card.

incremental_auth: A transaction that increases the authorised amount of a confirmed auth transaction that has not yet been captured.

atm: An automated teller machine (atm) transaction.

reversal: A reversal annuls the transaction and re-credits the customer's payment method. This happens directly after the transaction has taken place but before the funds have been fully processed.

none: Use only when the transactiontype is unknown.
Amount/value of the transaction in the original currency. Must be a nonnegative value.
Numerical currency code of the currency used for the transaction (ISO 4217).
The name or identifier of the merchant. This field uniquely identifies the merchant, and should not be confused with the MID. Any name or unique identifier is accepted.
If this is an incoming transfer, sistertransactionid is the transactionid for the corresponding outgoing transfer and vice versa.
External ID of the merchant wallet.

Response Parameters

200 OK Response
"created": 2,
"deleted": 0,
"errors": 2,
"ignored": 5,
"received": 0,
"updated": 0
Status CodeStatus MessageDescriptionSchema
200OKStandard response for successful HTTP requests.200 OK - Post-auth response
4xx, 500, 501, 502, 503, 504errorVarious error messages for unsuccessful HTTP requests.Problem response

Code samples

curl -X POST \
-H "Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN" \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{"data":[{"sender_transactionid": "sender_transactionid","receiver_transactionid": "receiver_transactionid","transactionid":"00000001","timestamp":1646063615,"transactiontype":"incoming_wallet_transfer","sistertransactionid":"00000001","merchant":"CFBE1FC6-3069-B390-4287-F0D653ACC3CC","walletid":"783067473928","originalamount":1.1,"currency":"978"}]}'