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Version: 1.0

Sending data

To integrate with Fraudio, you will need to map all data so that it conforms to the Fraudio data schema. This includes both live and historical data, both of which are required to calibrate our algorithms and provide highly optimised results that are customized to your company's needs.

By mapping your data to our schema, we can ensure that it's properly structured and optimised for use in our models, improving the accuracy and effectiveness of our fraud detection and prevention services.

Mapping data

Include as much data as possible

For the highest quality transaction data when using our API, it's crucial to include as many fields as possible from the schemas specified by each endpoint.

Map in batch first before sending through the API

We recommend mapping the data in batch beforehand to ensure that all necessary fields are included and mapped accurately, before sending live transactions through the API. This approach will optimise the accuracy of our fraud detection and prevention measures, ensuring the best possible protection for your business.


To ensure the accuracy and validity of your data when working with Fraudio, we recommend sending samples to your Fraudio contact for verification. This is an iterative process that allows us to review and confirm the accuracy of your data, so that we can make any necessary adjustments or corrections before moving forward.

Ensure that your data matches our schema

When mapping data for use in our fraud scoring models, it's crucial to review our schemas thoroughly and compare each field to the corresponding data in your dataset. Any matching fields should be added to your sample. If the field names don't match, adjust the name of the field in your sample.

Review data types and values

Once you've identified and added all relevant fields to the sample, it's important to review the data types and accepted values to ensure they match the Fraudio schema. Our schemas provide detailed information about each data field, including data types, examples, and descriptions. Note that our schemas are updated regularly as new data fields are collected and incorporated into our fraud scoring models.

Confirm with your Fraudio contact and iterate as needed

After confirming with your Fraudio contact that the mapping is correct, the same process can be repeated for sending live transactions. Accurate mapping and data validation are critical to support effective fraud detection and prevention.